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The Canadian International Symphony Orchestra (CISO) is a newly-formed, non-profit youth orchestra designed to provide young, talented musicians with an opportunity to explore and experience music as performing members of an orchestra.

CISO has been created under the direction of Maestro Jorge Patricio Viera a highly-seasoned, internationally-acclaimed musician and conductor who is passionate about providing young, talented musicians with a stage to perfect their talents in the company of like-minded musicians.

CISO continues to search for young people who are presently involved in extra-curricular music classes but looking to take their talents to the next level. CISO offers this opportunity, together with the hands-on attention of Maestro Viera and the benefit of his classically-trained expertise. Students who qualify for CISO's membership are introduced to the orchestra experience and afforded the opportunity to improve their musicianship through performing with other talented, professional musicians.

Join CISO now and enhance your musical talents.